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Dr. Tullis Voted Top Doc

Justin L. Tullis, DDS, MS
Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology

We are your oral and systemic health advocates. Our team is dedicated to providing you with personalized, gentle care in a pressure-free environment. We provide a pragmatic and holistic patient care, utilizing the latest proven techniques and technology.

Dr. Tullis is regularly recognized as a "Top Doc" in Colorado Springs by his medical peers. Dr. Tullis has also recently been recognized as one of "Colorado Springs Top Dentists in 2022."

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Medical Associations & Memberships include:

American Dental Association, Colorado Dental Association, Colorado Springs Dental Society, American Academy of Periodontology, Western Society of Periodontology, Osteology Foundation, International Society of Periodontal Plastic Surgeons, and National Dental Practice-Based Research Network.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

Dr. Tullis and his staff are always very friendly and knowledgeable. They have always taken great care of me!
Richard Beach
Richard B.
First off Nikki is fantastic! I am so glad I was referred to Soco Perio. Dr.Tullis is an experienced professional, he explained my condition and provided me with an approachable treatment plan that made an impact right away. Everyone is knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely caring. They made me feel at ease, which is not a common thing when dealing with dental issues. I always enjoy talking to Julie at the front. I even look forward to my cleanings because Mary is so helpful. I cannot recommend them enough!
Lindsey Mitchell
Lindsey M.
Erin & Dr. Tullis were very thorough and explained everything along the way during the gum grafting procedure. Thanks
Barbara DeGrand
Barbara D.
Dr. Tullis and Nikki were so warm, encouraging and patient. They were willing to explain the whole procedure and walk us through what was happening each step of the way. Julie at the front desk is awesome and always willing to have a laugh.
Craig Williams
Craig W.
A wonderful and continued experience. Dr Tullis is a compassionate expert in his field. And Mary is the best hygienist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The entire staff is knowledgeable, personable and a joy to be around.
Tristam Lass
Tristam L.
Dr. Tullis and his staff are excellent. I had a implant put in and Dr. Tullis and Erin carefully explained the whole procedure and walked me through what was happening each step of the way. Julie at the front desk is always friendly and very helpful setting up appointment and assisting you if you need any paperwork.
Patricia Clikeman
Patricia C.
After the screw broke in my implant, I came to Dr Tullis for help. He removed the implant and put new bone graph in. The healing process was quick. Today he placed a NEW implant with no complications so I can have a new tooth in about 12 weeks. The office staff, Julia, Nikki and Erin, are very friendly and knowledgeable. This office is professional and good communication here. Highly recommend them.
Candy Marzec
Candy M.
Dr Tullis and Nikki did a great job all around from explaining everything beforehand, prepping me for the day of and for the actual procedure. Everything seems to be healing and went through as described. The only surprise was that my anxiety was not as bad as I thought it would be the day of the procedure. Thanks Dr Tullis!
Robert Hale
Robert H.
Dr Tullis and his assistant, Erin, took care of 3 gum grafts for me last month. I'd had one previously (years ago, by a periodontist in Boulder) so I was very nervous about having 3 done since just one was a pretty unpleasant experience... This experience and recovery was AMAZINGLY better than my last. I'm 2 weeks out and carefully eating most normal (not-especially-crunchy) foods already. After my last, I was in rough shape for weeks. I just got scheduled to have another graft taken care of with Dr Tullis.And as for the office itself -- Julie is always a joy to speak to on the phone. She's always helpful and accommodating. They actually had to reschedule my gum grafts and rather than pushing me out a couple weeks, they created a slot for me at a time that worked even better for my schedule. All my appointments have been prompt and on time and it's just been an all-around positive experience with this office (as positive as periodontal work can be!).
Rebecca Patton
Rebecca P.
Dr. Tullis, Nikki and Mary are great! They put you at ease right away. Julie always makes you feel welcome and takes care of the paperwork right away. I highly recommend them for all your perio needs!
Catherine Miles
Catherine M.
Professional and friendly staff. Dr. Tullis is excellent. No pain throughout the procedures. Explains as much as you want during the procedure. I wouldn't go anywhere else for periodontal work. This office is easily 5 stars.
David Askinas
David A.
Dr. Tullis did a gum graft for me. He and his assistant Erin, provided great service and much attention to detail. I am very happy with my results. Julie is always pleasant and helpful when I call.
Kaira Haycock
Kaira H.
Dr. Tullis and his entire staff are great. Kept me informed and he did a great job. Definitely recommend.
Debi Van Doren
Debi Van D.
Dr Tullis was great! He got my input and he created a plan for my particular periodontal situation. He painlessly numbed the area and completed the osseous procedure. His assistant, Nikki was positive and calming and made me feel like I knew exactly what to do post-procedure. Overall, my experience was most pleasant for a dental experience.
William thompson
William T.
I love this office!! I needed a gum graft and the experience was outstanding. I’ve had three other grafts by other perios but Dr. Tullis is the one I would recommend. His technique was superb, he addressed all my concerns, and best of all he made sure I didn’t feel a thing during the procedure! I enjoyed the humorous chat between he and Erin during the procedure… helped me feel at ease. Erin was STELLAR! Very concerned and very kind. She took real good care of me. Julie was soooo wonderful to work with on my insurance and appointments… so kind and cheerful. Supplied me with some great chocolate! Love this entire office. Beautiful office.
Anna Sternberg
Anna S.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff. They go out of their way to accommodate, make you comfortable and do the job right. I believe they are a reflection of Dr Tullis, who is excellent!
Charlette Schwepker
Charlette S.
They are great! Going to a dentist isn't my favorite. I've had a few not so good experiences over the years. What adds to my reluctance to go regularly is I have very sensitive teeth and I hate needles! Dr. Tullis & all his staff are very gentle & compassionate. Nikki (assistant) had me laughing easily which definitely helped with my nerves. I will recommend So Co Periodontics to everyone!
Dana Blevens
Dana B.
I have been here twice. The second time for some surgery. It was a good experience. Dr Tullis is great. He explained everything. His assistant Nikki is wonderful. Turns out I knew her so that made it even better. Mary did scaling on my teeth and she is good also. I highly recommend this group. You won't be sorry. I'm glad I picked him for my periodontal needs!!!!.
Gail Freeman
Gail F.
Great experience today. Was getting root scraping and an extraction done.They number me up with the gel first. Didn't feel the needles going in. Was perfectly numb. Hooked me up with a halcion pill. Makes you seriously chill.Tooth extraction was really uneventful.All in all, this crew is very friendly and all Rick at their jobs. I'm thankful I ended up going here. Zero anxiety.Thanks crew.Wes
Wayson Leaverton
Wayson L.
Professional, kind and willing to explain everything about the procedures. Justin has a sense of humor that works for me. Highly recommend him
Susan Coffey
Susan C.
I had to have deep cleaning done to my gums in order to get surgery. Dr. Tully’s and his staff are some of the best individuals. Surgery went well and everyone helped me with a speedy recovery. 10/10 will use them again.
Thomas Martin
Thomas M.
Dr. Tullis was recommended to me by a friend and I am so happy I chose him ! The whole staff was wonderful. From the receptionist, to the techs and Dr. Tullis ! They made sure I understood everything and made me very comfortable! I would recommend to anyone !
Debbie Trione
Debbie T.
Dr Tullis and his team are the best.... fun and very professional; great listeners; super accommodating with scheduling and last-minute changes; very attentive and well-executed on local anesthesia.... Nikki, the lead assistant on my recent visit is the BEST, and works so well with Dr Tullis. The Doc is very thorough and communicates well and clearly which is so appreciated. Highly Recommended.
The hygienist Mary was excellent and professional. She did a great job on my deep cleaning and helping getting my dental health back on track.My surgery was handled with complete professionalism and fun, by Erin and Nikki.The Front office staff, Julie and Courtney were exceptional in handling all of mu paperwork and explaining everything to me to be certain it was 100% clear.Thank you everyone for all your exceptional work!
S C (Stu)
S C (.
Dr. Tullis and Courtney treated me on a day the office was closed. They were great! 10 out of 10 would recommend.
Brennan Brown
Brennan B.
The staff here is very friendly and professional. No one “enjoys” going to get dental work done, but SoCo Perio makes you feel comfortable and puts your mind at ease. I would highly recommend this business!
sean brown
sean B.
Love Dr. Tullis and his amazing staff! They’re always so friendly and take the time to explain everything from start to finish. The service is second to none! I highly recommend Dr. Tullis and his great team!
Cari Erickson
Cari E.
Southern Colorado Perio is the BEST! Not one to brag about surgery, but I would like to publicly say thank you! The professional acumen and personable staff made all the difference. Special kudos to Mary, Julie, Erin, and one other lady who tuned-in my favorite music to ease the process. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
Kurt Danis
Kurt D.
To anyone who don’t like PAIN at the Dentist; Dr Tullis only delivers PAIN FREE BONE GRAFTING or so was my experience today. Don’t make the mistake of going anywhere else for your dental implant surgery! Perfection is worth searching for and i was up for the challenge and I am a winner!!
Fred Henninge
Fred H.
I was referred to Dr. Tullis for a gum graft. Dr.Tullis and his office staff were very friendly, professional and caring. Great overall experience. All my questions were answered and surgery was explained including post care. Cindy and Nikki, dental assistants, were excellent in making sure my needs were met. The graft was a success and I am very happy with the result.
Diane Nichols
Diane N.
Everyone at Southern Colorado Periodontics, especially Erin and Dr. Tullis, was friendly, informative and explained my procedure in detail. I appreciated their professionalism and humor during the procedure. I recommend Dr. Tullis to anyone needing periodontal work.
Sheila Majesky
Sheila M.
Dr Tullis and the staff are very friendly and take good care of you during your visit. During my surgeries they made sure I was very comfortable and experienced no pain. Nikki, the doctor's assistant during one of my visits was very fun and made the situation very easy to handle. And Dr Tullis is a blues music fan, so we had some great tunes playing during the procedure! If you need periodontal work done, I would highly recommend Dr Tullis and his staff!
Paul Brown
Paul B.
I shopped around before finding Dr. Tullis. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else now. Dr. Tullis is a friendly, understanding, respectable, honest, intelligent, and highly experienced oral surgeon. But it's not just him. He has an entire team that is amazing (Mary, Nikki, and Erin). They work together seamlessly - like they all have ESP. They have fun together and respect one another. It is a very comfortable place to be (which says a lot for a periodontist's office). During surgery, I enjoy hearing Dr. Tullis talk to his technicians about some of the more clinical aspects of the dental work. They are all extremely understanding and supportive of patients that are nervous about their oral surgery. It is apparent that Dr. Tullis and his team love their field. I completely trust Dr. Tullis' recommendations and treatment plans. I will recommend Southern Colorado Periodontics to everyone I know.
I have always been very nervous about going to get work done on my teeth and gums. However, going to Southern Colorado Periodontics has changed that for me! They have always been very welcoming, accommodating and made me feel at ease. I always feel like I'm in very good hands. I have been here for Root Planing & Scaling and saw Mary, who was a delight! I felt very comfortable and the procedure was easy for me. Second I went in to have a piece of gum removed by Dr Tullis and Erin. They are both wonderful and also made me feel very comfortable. I had a wonderful time! I highly recommend this place to anyone!
Emily O
Emily O
They are very friendly and make you feel welcomed, and help keep the patient calm as much as possible. Clean office. The doctor explained the at home care well and answered any questions. They even took my husband out to the car in a wheelchair and made sure he was good to go. I feel they are a great place and go a bit the extra mile for their patients. Was nice to see and to have. Cindy was great ! So glad we have been referred to them.
Hope Baltazor
Hope B.
Friendly atmosphere Dr. Tollis explained what he was to do and I had little to no discomfor. Verp pleased with the professinalism
ron bickers
ron B.
Dr Tullis and Nicki (Assistant) did a fantastic job! This was my first time having periodontal work done. They thoroughly explained what to expect as well as post-surgical care. They were both professional and understanding throughout the procedure. I am very pleased with the results!
Barbara Erb
Barbara E.
Dr. Tullis is a top notch periodontist/oral surgeon and Nikki is in the same league. Dr. Tullis went way beyond what the original treatment plan had called for and removed some of the bone growth that interfered with the gum tissue plus pulling a wisdom tooth and 4 hours later I am perfectly fine and up and running again.
Michael Schuette
Michael S.
Researched Periodontists & made an appt prior to my move to Co Spgs. So happy I chose Dr. Tullis! Entire staff was warm & friendly. Nikki, his assistant was so attentive and put me at ease about the gum procedure I was having done. Dr. Tullis explained everything and the best part, no pain while having the numbing shots! Really a great experience all things considered. Highly recommend Dr. Tullis & his staff.
Debbie Barkley
Debbie B.
Dr Tullis does excellent procedures, along with his assistant Nikki. They make sure you’re comfortable.They give you all the information regarding your treatments. I have called Dr Tullis after hours & he gave me the best customer service. The Hygienist Mary is great as well! I recommend this practice!
Michele Madsen
Michele M.
I hate the Dentist usually, but I love coming here. Everyone is so friendly and makes you feel like family. Not only that but they are gentle. and know what they are doing. You are in good hands with this clinic and the lovely people within it. <3
Christina Ansel
Christina A.
I can't say enough about Dr. Tullis and his entire staff. Dr. Tullis and his assistant, Cindy, stayed past office hours to work on a dental issue I was having. They were both patient and took their time to make sure everything was just right before I left. Dr. Tullis communicates throughout the procedure, checking in about comfort and my pain levels. Thank you for all your great work. It is nice to know I am in such good hands!

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